Reservations & Policies

Hotel La Bocona

Calle La Libertad, 2 blocks west of Central Park

Granada: + (505) 2552-2888

Reservations / Info

Hotel La Bocona Policies

* To reserve, a deposit equal to one night's stay per guestroom is required by way of Mastercard, Visa or cash. Confirmation of the reservation will be made once the deposit is received. Full stay is to be paid upon check-in (the deposit will be used against the last night of your stay).

*Availability is subject to change until deposit is received.

*Fourteen (14) days notice required for cancellation of or downward changes to your reservation. (Or by date specified in writing by the Director of Hotel La Bocona)

*Full stay reserved will be charged to the client in the case of insufficient notice given to Hotel in writing or no-show situations.

***Exceptions to the above will be made only in the case of a documented medical emergency. Receipt of your deposit will imply that you are in agreement with the above policies.